Introspection 7

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Introspection 7


You found a good match and now you're on your way to that exciting first date. Everyone is nervous on a first date. Just relax - you've got this. To make sure you've got this, here are some tips and tricks to make that first date a great one.

1. Just Chat - Don't Monologue

This is a chance to get to know your date a bit better, so don't dominate the conversation or spill all the beans on your life story just yet. Exercise your conversational skills by chatting about light topics:
• Ask about your date's job: What do they like best about it?
• If your date is in a restaurant, ask what their favorite item on the menu is.
Keep the questions geared toward positive answers; what they like instead of what they dislike. It gives them a happy memory of the date, and is perfect in case a second date comes around.

2. Keep it Clean

Eat something that allows you to still be able to talk. Something that is particularly messy or requires too much precision and focus (e.g., a large salad) isn't a great option. Try a sandwich or tapas instead. These are great choices that let you take smaller bites, so you can still get some food in your belly while also being able to hold a conversation.

3. Know Your Limits

If you order a huge meal, you'll probably have to take home leftovers, and that might make your date feel like you were only in it for a free meal if your date is the one paying. Likewise, pace yourself if you're ordering alcoholic drinks. Nerves can get to someone on a first date, and they want to keep their hands busy, so it's easy to keep taking sips of your drink and then realize that you aren't holding your liquor well. A drunk first date isn't a good one, so be careful with how much you drink.

4. Pay Your Own Way

Choose something that is affordable, and pay for yourself. It's less pressure for both of you, and also eliminates any feelings of obligation in the future to go out again just so you can "even it out," so to speak. You definitely don't want that hanging over your head in case the first date is a dud.

The most important tips to remember to help you make your first date a great one are to be clear in your communication, be responsible, and relax. It's just a date, not a marriage. Follow these tips, and see where the night takes you - it could lead to something wonderful.
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