Introspection 7

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Introspection 7


Whether your romance is long-lasting depends on pitfall management. Will you and your partner remain devoted or affection weaken? The answer's up to you. Note the following wisdom to create a lasting love story.

Forget your mate's potential

People often spot their partner's potential and consider him/her an ideal candidate for remodeling. Such relationships stem from lack; one person finds the other deficient. The individual who falls short of the other's expectations feels unworthy and unloved. If you want to change your mate, love won't last.

You got together because you recognized one another's merits and they still exist. Focus on your partner's encouraging qualities. See through positive eyes and love will grow.

Make yourself happy

Do you want your mate to make you happy? You might imagine good relationships operate that way. You are in charge of your joy though. No one is responsible for another's happiness.

Love is not conditional. When people expect their partners to make them happy they don't enjoy the real person beneath their expectations. Their mates have to second-guess what's required of them, which can't happen all the time. No one knows what's going on in another person's head and failure's inevitable.

Make yourself happy. Don't depend on your mate to please you before you can feel good. Sometimes, he/she will do things you dislike, but you need not be miserable or imagine your relationship has failed.

Respond with intent

It's hard to recognize how you react during difficult conversations. Pay attention to others' quarrels, though, and you might realize you communicate similarly. People change their tone, sometimes shouting. They interrupt and dig up irrelevant issues from the past.

When you have a tough conversation, consider the outcome you want--a long-lasting relationship--before you speak. Remember your partner's not your enemy and you wish for peace, love, and respect.

Forget mistakes, and create a strong, joyful partnership. Recognize you can't have the outcome you want with negativity. Speak lovingly, and you'll get what you crave.

The three secrets--forgetting your mate's potential, making yourself happy, and responding instead of reacting--will change how you handle your relationship. Your romance will last if you take note.
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